Cathy’s Book by Sean Stewart, Jordan Weisman and Cathy Briggs


Cathy’s Book:
If found call (650) 266-8233…

Seriously, call the number! You’ll hear a private message from Cathy Vickers herself… drawing you into this fun if bizarre multimedia mystery and alternate reality game. I instantly fell in love with artsy, spastic high school senior Cathy, who found herself getting involved with a “slightly” older, mysterious scientist, only to have him dump her abruptly, no explanation, without having even kissed her! Dude! Does Cathy curl up in a ball and cry for days? Abso-freaking-lutely not. She has enough fire in her gut to get totally peeved, track down the lame ex-beau to demand answers, and tell HIM off! (Love her!)

But, it’s not that simple. In fact, it’s major twisted complicated, not unlike the rest of Cathy’s life. Sadly, her father died suddenly not too long before we are introduced to Cathy via her personal journal, the websites she references, text messages, and of course, phone numbers to vmails. (Like, multi-multimedia!) Her grieving, exhausted mother is a night shift nurse, leaving Cathy to fend for herself all day, well, except for her polar extreme BFF Emma. Four-point-oh Emma is destined for MIT, while Cathy seems to be setting herself up for a career grinding Starbucks beans. Through this roller coaster story, the two girls overcome hurt feelings and misunderstandings to show us what true friendship is all about, character flaws and all.

But back to this hot, jade-eyed bio-tech… Victor Chan. Who is he, really? Does he have a rich uncle, or is there a dark side to his past? And, why is there a funny mark on Cathy’s arm, looking suspiciously like a needle prick, appearing on the night she passed out and has no memory? Was she only a lab rat to him or what? Or is her wild imagination making her crazy over a mere spider bite?

Cathy, in all her fierce indignation (cuz she does NOT want his sorry butt back) marches up to Victor’s gorgeous mansion and waltzes in (okay, that’s way tamer than setting his car on fire, but that’s another story – she’s matured since THEN). So, Cathy only meant to confront Victor, but when she heard the gutless wonder slipping out the back door, she swipes a Ghirardelli chocolate bar out of his fridge (that’ll show him!) and notices his desktop is disheveled. So un-Victor. Humm… the next thing she knows, she’s “borrowed” some of his papers and splits, realizing there are depths to him she never imagined. Like, could Victor have a wife and daughter? Back in China or something? OMG!

She finally intercepts the elusive Victor in ChinaTown, on Chinese New Year of all nights, but in the midst of parades and cries of “Gong Hay Fat Choy!“, his behavior is even more conflicted. Although he clearly cares for her, evident by the many Cathy sketches she finds prominently displayed in his home and work, he’s furious at her for pursing him. Before either of them can explain (he kinda figured out she stole his papers since his chocolate was missing but not his money) Cathy gets a frantic call from cellphone guru Emma that Victor’s lab co-worker just washed up on the beach – way dead.

The story takes some extraordinary dives and bucks, with intriguing modern day Nancy Drew sleuthing but with a .44 magnum load of “tude”… outwitting dirty cops and heavy security, undercover spying, Chinese Eight Immortal encounters, hilarious disguises ranging from “respectable drone grrl” to “goth grrl”, bloody nose busting (martial arts style), genetic diseases, abduction, blackmail and death! And, much to my sheer delight, the cellular science side of the story goes all wicked sci fi! Yower!


The book itself (the paperback of Cathy’s private journal and doodle book) has a unique design… the front cover folds out revealing a confusing mosaic of “evidence”, legal documents, notes, and phone numbers. In the center, we find more… photographs, news clippings, some of Cathy’s sketches, and a hint to the access code on the dead woman’s vmail! Break that, and you can listen to her private messages and find out if Victor contacted her… how guilty is he? And of what?

Book 1 wraps with a love-filled celebration of Cathy’s 18th birthday party. By this point, Emma and her wealthy, single parent father have developed some serious life issues of their own. And do Cathy and Victor finally work it out? Well… both are stubborn, tough, clever and resourceful, yet still have powerful enemies coveting their secrets (and their affections), so it’s not over yet! Next up… Cathy’s Key! Cathy’s Ring! Bring it on, Cathy Grrl!


But wait, there’s more! Check out Cathy’s website, with doodles, audio clips, “doubletalkwireless” forum (join 1,000+ chatters), and more!

Until the next multi-multimedia adventure…!

Post Scriptum: We just received the next two Cathy books – in hardback. They look TOTALLY different from the paperback… these have a built in pocket/envelope in the front cover jam packed with evidence!

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