The 39 Clues Card Packs, Board Game, Puzzle and 2010 Calendars


Okay, this isn’t exactly a book review, but it is extremely relevant to The 39 Clues multimedia “online universe”, which, of course includes books. Each of the 10 books (book 7 to be released February 2010) comes with 6 new cards in the inside cover. In addition, there are card packs available, plus, some of the 2010 39 Clues calendars contain a special code that can be entered as do The 39 Clues puzzle and board game.


Can you guess the 5 types of cards? Founder, Agent, Location, Secret and Bonus cards. Some cards have a puzzle to solve (those are fun) and many of the cards can be combined online to reveal more secrets. (Kewl). The cards have numbers and symbols which identify them… for example the lower left corner shows the symbol of what branch of the Cahill family the card represents: Lucian, Tomas, Ekaterina or Janus. Along the bottom is an alphanumeric id code, which is what you enter to add it to your collection, and more codes on the right which tell you the rarity of the card (common to ultra rare) and the difficulty level of the puzzle if it has one.

I got card packs 1 and 2 for Christmas (heh heh Santa loves me) and in the Card Pack 1 (for books 1, 2 & 3) I got a duplicate card. Now this is cool, when you get a dup (the number will match but the id codes will be different) they are called Card Replicators and they allow you to add a card to your online collection. So, you can complete a combo or uncover other secrets. You only need one card replicator to add a common or uncommon card but you need three card replicators to add a rare or ultra rare card. Of course, dufus me, I was clicking around (albeit a little recklessly) just to see what it did and accidentally used my replicator on a common card. So, you may… not want to do that. πŸ™‚

BUT get this… in the Card Pack 2 (Branch vs Branch for books 4, 5 & 6) I entered my new cards (no two packs are alike you know) and I got an ULTRA rare card AND it unlocked clue 39!! OMG!! I know what Clue 39 is! Alright, I know, I’m still missing like 30 clues at this point, but it was so fun to see the mini video of the very last clue unlocking. Lips. Sealed.


Calendars!! Yeah, I admit I bought all mine after January 1st so they were like half price. What? I was mostly after the cards! Except, they didn’t contain physical cards, but a secret code, which is entered on the same line in the “add cards” area. Okay, you can get the mini calendar OR the wall calendar, either one, same code in both. (The desk calendar doesn’t have the code, but it’s full of 39 clue info. There are engagement calendars too).

Unseal the calendar, find the secret code, log in, add this code the same way you add a card, and a card will pop in. Click the card, and follow the instructions. You will then need to obtain 12 codes to read the message… 12 codes, 12 months in a year, get it? So, the wall calendar design is quite clever in that it has a decoder pocket. Tear out the page for the month, slip it into the pocket and voilΓ , you’ll be able to read the codes. The mini calendar doesn’t have a decoder pocket, so you just have to hunt for the codes on each page.

There will be only 10 books (with 10 clues), but there are 39 clues! So if you are a serious clue hunter, you maaaaaay want to jump online and get busy!

See you on the hunt…

Post Scriptum: Check out the NEW Post cereal contest with more clue hunting fun and great prizes… like a trip to NYC!


Purchase The 39 Clues: Card Pack 1, The 39 Clues: The Card Pack 2, The Card Pack 3: The Rise of the Madrigals, 39 Clues Activity 2010 Wall Calendar, 39 Clues 2010 Mini Calendar, 39 Clues Search for the Keys Game, 39 Clues 200 Piece Puzzle from Amazon!

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