TRACKERS A New Multimedia Book/Video Hybrid by Patrick Carman

Coming May 2010!

TRACKERS by Patrick Carman

Wu-hoo! 2010 will be another awesome year for multimedia! I am thrilled 🙂 to announce that Patrick Carman has done it again… created another TRUE book/video hybrid. This time, instead of slipping around a haunted dredge in the dark wee hours, he has us TRACKING using WAY cool high tech equipment and hang’in with some super savvy 9th graders. As Mr. Carman says, “Think of TRACKERS as Skeleton Creek 2.0, a super-spy novel with more characters, more gadgets, and more cameras.” Huzzah!

Click here for more TRACKERS info on Patrick Carman’s website!

Meet trail breaking author Patrick Carman…

Now to reveal the real reason I’m so deeply excited about multimedia… Patrick Carman wrote this incredible article for Publisher’s Weekly which helps us understand that as adults, we need not be afraid of multimedia, but instead see how it reaches out to both reluctant readers and adds fun and variety to avid readers living in our “wired” world. Multimedia links kids to reading who might have been otherwise “lost” in this techno age of internet, DVDs and computer games. Let’s face it, young people today need to be connected by twittering, texting, chatting, emailing using every kind of Droid, iPhone, iPod & iPad produced in every possible bright multicolor. Multimedia shows an otherwise disinterested youth the way to connect to literacy in the 21st Century. Go Patrick go!!

Also, check this awesome TRACKERS article in Scholastic!

Oh, you WILL be hearing more about TRACKERS. :->
I guarantee it!


Order TRACKERS from Amazon!

Post Scriptum:
Check out this video on how a multimedia book works…


2 Responses to “TRACKERS A New Multimedia Book/Video Hybrid by Patrick Carman”

  1. Aldin Says:

    Whats the website for the passwords of Trackers

    • williamwubooks Says:

      Hi Aldin, the passwords will be in the book when it comes out 5-12-10. Maybe you’ll be able to download the vids using iTunes, but I haven’t tried. This was true of Skeleton Creek so most likely. But read the book and watch the videos in order… it’s so much better that way!! P~

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