Cathy’s Ring by Sean Stewart, Jordan Weisman & Cathy Briggs

Cathy's Ring Cover

And the grand finale of the Cathy’s Book series…. Cathy’s Ring! Click here if this is your first visit to the bizarre multimedia world of Cathy’s Book, and here for the review of book 2, Cathy’s Key, cuz Cathy’s Ring is the wrap for this zany trilogy.


Cathy’s Key, book 2, left Cathy’s post high school life turned upside down, yanked inside out with a little blood spatter on top. She not only finds out her father is NOT dead, but that he faked his death and ditched her and her mom big time cuz he too is one of those bloody immortals! And, he has the extreme gall to go all “father figure” on her and disapprove of her way hot but immortal boyfriend Victor Chan. How is THAT fair? Oh wait, dear ol’ Dad (and oh boy do I mean old) is in a pretty good position to know how THAT sad story will turn out, that’s how. And it spite of Cathy’s independent thinking, she was having those same doubts herself. Flames. Fanned. So, book 2 slides to a halt with both Cathy and Emma in financial disasters (but with high hopes for their new website!), Cathy’s evil twin Jewel not only stealing her drivers license at gun point, but shooting Tsao, Victor’s Dad, and killing him. Like dead. But wait, wasn’t he like this 1000 year old guy, who was also stalker obsessed for Cathy? Oh yes, Jewel managed to procure the peach scented de-immortalizing serum Ancestor Lu created in his laboratory and like, sprayed Tsao with it. A lot. I guess the older immortals require more juice to mortalize them? Or something. Tsao was living in a fruity cloud of the stuff for days so he was easy to extinguish with a little lead in the chest. Hence the spatter. Ew.

Who is Cathy Vickers?

Ding dong, the stalker’s dead! But oops, Ancestor Lu is now on a MAJOR warpath for Cathy’s hide, with hit men from the Lucky Joy Cleaners scaling the walls of her house and staking out Emma’s apartment (yup, THAT kind of cleaners). Bummer. But the good news is some mysterious ninja protector leaves them all dead. Bad news, dead all over Cathy’s back yard. Not exactly in compliance with their home owners’ association. Yummy Victor dashes over to deal with the clean up, while Cathy makes plans to disappear off the face of, well, San Francisco at least. No more people need to die, do they? The body count is getting way out of control.

Jewel’s good hearted brother Denny is still in the hospital recovering from his managed arm bones, but Cathy agrees with Jewel that he needs to get his tattooed butt back to Texas before his probation officer figures out he’s skipped town (attempting to bail out his reckless sister… a-gain). Dos birds, uno stone. All Cathy has to do is catch a ride, and voilà! Denny’s safely at home, Lu won’t find her, no one else dies, or goes to jail or whatever. One problem. Emma. As-if the cell phone Goddess and world’s most faithful and resourceful BFF would let Cathy ditch her a-gain. Ziff! Before long the whole scooby gang is once again fighting the immortal forces of evil… Cathy & Victor, Pete & Emma, even Denny & Jewel, in their own unique way.

Sound simple? Of course it isn’t. To complicate Victor and Cathy’s romance even further, the exotically gorgeous Jun, Ancestor Lu’s daughter, has joined forces with Victor to protect Cathy, thereby restoring her family’s dignity (and, yah, just happens to please Victor in the process). During some “grrl talk”, Jun flat out admits to Cathy that she wants Victor’s love for herself, and she is willing to wait (immortal, not good). So, where does the very mortal and fail at everything Cathy Vickers fit between the two beautiful, wealthy, freaking immortal superheros? Nowhere… so, she’s off a-gain, trying to solve her problems on her artsy own.

Cathy and Victor

Cathy and Jewel start clowning around Ancestor Lu’s private party, trying to figure out a way to get past his heavy hit men security so they can juice him and waste him. Dude, so much killing! At least that’s what Jun thinks. Lu has abandoned her, favored her mortal baby sister over her, but he’s still her father after all. Maybe there’s another way….

Cathy’s Ring leaves us pleasantly pondering some loose ends… will Cathy’s immortal Dad try to work things out with her mortal Mom or will he high tail it for the hills once Cathy is safe? Will the 100+ year old Victor actually propose to 18 year old Cathy, or will he realize she needs a little time to grow up? Will Emma EVER notice that Pete is a Golden God? Oh, and will Jewel stop trying to ditch Denny and get herself killed doing all these, now, good deeds? Fun fun fun! I loved the Cathy’s Book series and the way Cathy’s Ring resolved all the important stuff but left us happily fantasizing the positive possibilities.

But wait, there’s more! The Cathy’s Book Series is multimedia (call the phone number on the cover! Log on to the websites!) and an ARG (Alternative Reality Game) with not only real time interactive media to play with, but the story actually continues! Like who are Sam and Alex? To find out click here and enter the password FEATHER. (Hint – move the feather around with your mouse).

For more clues, access codes for the voice mails, and other fun stuff go to the Double Talk Wireless forum on Cathy’s site and down the left side you’ll see useful topics. Don’t forget to see what’s tucked away in the evidence pocket inside the front cover!

Check out the Cathy’s Book phone app!

Until the next multimedia adventure….
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