TRACKERS Book One by Patrick Carman

Trackers by Patrick Carman

“Here’s the thing about the digital age, everyone leaves a trail. Some of them shouldn’t be followed.”

Subject: Adam Henderson
Elevated IQ and potentially dangerous personality traits

Book One: Adam Henderson is to be interrogated by mysterious persons unknown, surrounded by video cameras, audio recording devices and the classic two-way surveillance mirror. We know not what has transpired, but Adam makes two things undeniably clear, 1) he is only going to do this once, and 2) he and his friends are Trackers NOT hackers. Hackers break into places and mess them up. The Trackers tried to help keep people safe. But somehow, something has gone terribly wrong.

A child prodigy (but he really hates that word), Adam began repairing computers in his father’s Henderson’s Chip Shop around age five and by age eight he could fix anything. For his 9th birthday, he was given “The Vault”, his own private lab with all the spare computer parts he needed to create “The Waffle Iron” which had more band width than the Pentagon. But Adam didn’t use his skills to steal or cause harm… he alerted companies about security breeches and invented cool gadgets. Way cool. Adam eventually acquired mass quantities of virtual dollars and was wired to the whole world… what more could a digital age kid want? Humm… well, that would be friends. Even a brainiac hermit like Adam might start to feel lonely as he approaches junior high school.

Does he join the chess club to meet other introverted, smart kids? Not exactly. While ditching school one day, Adam runs into Finn, an extreme skateboarder from the exclusive “Green Lantern”. So what possible link could exist between these two boys? Well, Finn happens to eat pavement off his board, right smack in front of Adam, smashing his cell phone. Adam gives Finn a new phone – one of his own inventions which has a built in video camera, GPS, oh, and, no phone bill, ever. Sweet! 🙂

TRACKERS - Belinski

Soon after Adam meets Emily and Lewis, friends of Finn’s. Now the cautious Lewis, being a geek himself, is well aware of Adam via his cyber-universe rep, and is already in awe of him. Emily is in awe of no one, but this tough little lady is extremely loyal to her friends. For the next three years, the four tech-savvy teen Trackers practice surveillance and code breaking, help out their Seattle community (while taking java breaks in The Grind House), and test Adam’s many fascinating wireless spy gadgets including the Belinski, Trinity, Deckard and ultimately, the Orville. (Any of those names ring a bell? Wink!) The Trackers can find almost anyone, anywhere, even the most skilled cyber criminals. That is until the frightening day when Adam realizes… someone is tracking THEM. Before long, they are in over their own heads, being blackmailed for Adam’s prized inventions by the world’s most notorious hacker. Can the Trackers out-track the evil Shantorian before it’s too late? Nothing is quite what it seems in this virtual reality story!

Another brilliant multimedia storytelling adventure by Patrick Carman! Trackers Book One, is another cleverly written and produced book/video hybrid, which attracts the media distracted reluctant reader to the book (hurray!) while providing exciting variety to the storytelling experience for established readers. Every few pages or so, a password is revealed directing readers to the Trackers Interface Website to view a video. The story is intertwined between the reading and the viewing, and is incomplete without both. Not only are there videos on the website, directed by Jeffrey Townsend, but Trackers includes an alternate reality game (ARG) the Glyphmaster! Not only can you solve the same puzzles Adam had to solve in the story, but there are seven more puzzles, each with increasing difficulty. You’ll need not only your code break’n skills, but also your web-surf’n research skills in order to solve these brain busters. But if you solve all seven, you will be invited to submit your email and become a TRACKER! Wu-hoo! So jump online, the Glyphmaster awaits you…

And just like Skeleton Creek, Trackers ends on a cliffhanger! Noooooo!!

In agony awaiting book two!
P~ Peggy Wu
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9 Responses to “TRACKERS Book One by Patrick Carman”

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  2. Dave Says:

    This book is so awesome!

  3. Dave Says:

    This book is so awesome!I can’t wait until book two!

  4. Dave Says:

    This book is so awesome!I can’t wait until book two!I loved it.

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  7. JamesT Says:

    book 2 came out guys

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