The 39 Clues Storm Warning by Linda Sue Park

39 Clues Book 9

Avast Ye me huntr’ hearties! Join th’ adventure wi’ th’ swashbucklers o’ th’ Caribbean!

The Pirates of the Caribbean were Cahills? Arrr. As The 39 Clues book 8 The Emperor’s Code drew to a close, Dan and Amy discovered that the legendary 1700’s pirate Anne Bonny was the spitting image of their deceased mother Hope Cahill. So with Egyptian Mau Saladin and their protective au pair Nellie Gomez in tow, the clue hunters board a plane from Beijing to Jamaica in search of the next of the 39 clues. That is, after Dan persuades them to stop in the Bahamas on the way just to be sure they didn’t miss anything, you know, important, like the Oceanus water park. Yeah baby!


A tip from Hamilton “Hammer” Holt becomes its own “storm warning” that they need to finally confront faithful Nellie once and for all with their growing suspicions. Sadly, we learn she does indeed harbor some secrets, one being that she was interviewed and hired by their beloved grandmother Grace Cahill herself to be their au pair for the clue hunt, but nothing changes the fact that Nellie loves Dan and Amy and has risked her own life to protect them. Amy in particular is devastated that Nellie may not be who she seems and throws a major wall up between them. Nellie is upset, but stubbornly sticks with her job to keep them safe no matter what. If they don’t like it, they can go back to their Aunt Beatrice. ACK!

While Dan and Amy receive a mysterious message to explore beach front caves during high tide, we get a glimpse into the nightmares of young Natalie Kabra… Is the loyal daughter of the murderous ice queen Isabel Kabra having doubts about her “perfect” mother? And while we’re on the topic, how come Isabel’s son Ian can’t look her in the eyes anymore? Is the Lucian house dividing against itself?


Now in breathtaking Jamaica, Dan, Amy and Nellie discover the legend of Anne Bonny and Mary Read as well as the life of pyrate Calico Jack Rackham by studying trial records in Spanish Town. Could it be there is more to Amy’s jade necklace than they realized?

During their balmy beach travels, Dan and Amy reaffirm once again that their grandmother sure got around and had BFF’s all over the planet! Due to an odd piece of jewelry, they are lead to the elderly Miss Alice who paled around with Grace over 20 years ago. We learn that Nellie has a deeper connection to Grace than she even imagined, and feels a sting of her own as she uncovers some Gomez family secrets. Investigating the statue of the Nanny of the Maroons, Dan gets a few pole climbing pointers from the athletic Hamilton. It does seem the kids work together remarkably well, doesn’t it? Not exactly a Madrigal quality, or is it? 😉

Then author Linda Sue Park takes us on an unexpected twist, in that Dan and Amy decide to turn the tables on the Kabras, big time. Miss Alice’s son Lester guides them to Saint Peter’s Church in Port Royal to explore the 17th Century Sunken City, where they discover a treasure which ends up being a challenge of Möbius proportions. But this time, the price is too high for our orphan clue hunters, forcing Nellie to play her full hand. Just who was Madeleine Cahill and what is the true role of the Madrigals? So much hangs in the balance as we eagerly await The 39 Clues Adventure Series finale in book 10! Of course I want all the answers, but I so don’t want it to be over!!! Whaaa!

As you well know, The 39 Clues is a multimedia storytelling experience, so in addition to the 6 new playing cards that were carefully removed from the inside cover, I also acquired the next Ultimate Card Pack for books 9 and 10. Logging into the 39 Clues website, all my new cards were added to my online collection, Mission 8 was completed AND I created my own secret agent card and shared it on Facebook with my fellow clue hunters! (Psst it’s P2GW6NJDXP) Hey, if you haven’t logged in lately, there are new fun features… a global map showing the exact location of all the clues AND a nifty book section, which enables you to solve the book puzzles and earn more replicator cards. Wu-hoo!

Card pack for books 9 and 10

It won’t be long now until all is revealed in book 10 Into the Gauntlet, however, heads up this fall… The Black Book of Buried Secrets by Rick Riordan!


Catch you on the Clue Hunt!
P~ Peggy Wu


Purchase book 9 Storm Warning, Card Pack 4: The Ultimate Card Pack and The Black Book of Buried Secrets from Amazon!

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