The 39 Clues Into the Gauntlet by Margaret Peterson Haddix

39 Clues Book 10 Cover

At last! Book 10 of 10! But, could this really be the end of The 39 Clues story? Will all secrets be revealed? Well, not here… (heh heh) you’ll have to read this last book in The 39 Clues Adventures Series to discover them for yourself. 🙂 And don’t forget in a few weeks Rick Riordan’s Black Book of Buried Secrets will be in our hands! (Click here if this is your first visit to The 39 Clues.)

Black Book of Buried Secrets

But what’s happening with orphaned clue hunters Dan and Amy Cahill? Their (final?) clue hunt begins in London, where they are devastated over Lester’s untimely death at the end of book 9 Storm Warning. But no rest for the weary. The other Cahill clue hunters have figured out the quickest way to get ahead is to follow Dan and Amy. Well, okay, bug, stalk, kidnap, torture, manipulate, lie to, and steal from, Dan and Amy. Sure enough, new little bugs are discovered all over their London hotel room. Like, give it a rest Cahills! But the most important bug, buried deep in the wall where even hunters D&A can’t detect it belongs to their newly discovered Uncle Fiske, brother of their beloved deceased grandmother Grace Cahill and her attorney and friend, William McIntyre. A bug? From their allies? RUDE! Well, things are never what they seem in the clue hunt. There’s that whole “greater good thing” going on… what Grace, and the Madrigals, are really all about (and sometimes die for). So “deal” with a little rudeness.

Right away Dan, Amy, their au pair Nellie and “attack cat” Egyptian Mau Saladin are given a clue, and much to Dan’s dismay and the ladies’ delight, he must endure an evening of culture at the theatre and sit through a sappy romantic Shakespearean play. Although the finale is anything but romantic… more like a clumsy Cahill dog pile on top of a shredded up clue. Class-ee. This still divided Cahill family has a long way to go and time is running out. But are those Madrigal seeds planted deeper than the eye can see?

Humm… seems Ian and Natalie are beyond merely having doubts about their cold hearted mother Isabel, and are now sneaking behind her back to uncover the truth. How will Ian feel when he learns not only his mother murdered D&A’s parents, but that Amy knew this while saving his life on Mount Everest? Hammer Holt has been BFF’s with the orphans for a while now, but would he turn on his own family to save them? What price will Alistair pay to finally have a genuine, loving family? And poor Jonah Wizard, who just wants to, yo, be a rock star and out of the deadly race… will he still try to win his wicked mother Coral’s approval? And what surprise Cahills will rejoin the hunt on this final round?

Join the hunt!

Between snacking on Crispy Bacon Frazzles and Nellie driving on the wrong side of the road, our clue hunters rush to investigate The Church of the Holy Trinity, the burial place of William Shakespeare. What mysterious message waits in his grave? Unfortunately, ALL the “poisonous bunch-backed toad” Cahills show up again, but this time they don’t tangle into an undignified rumble. Purrr-ogress. Dan makes gravestone rubbings for each of them to study… kinda sounds like team work, eh?

Our heroes Dan and Amy learn in order to find the clue, they must travel to the Madrigal stronghold, having been to all the others (Lucian, Ekat, Tomas and Janus) during the hunt. They discover this is a secret location not found on any map or accessible by car (given Nellie’s driving this is probably a good thing). But D&A are in such a rush, they forget (this time) to carefully cover their tracks. So by various ingenious methods, all the Cahills eventually arrive on this mysterious island to fight for the clue. Together. Again. It would seem that “together” is the ONLY way to solve the puzzle and end the brutal race.

Before it’s all over, the entire Cahill family witnesses some true evil as well as willing sacrifice, wisdom and even love. Will Isabel pay for her crimes in the end? Young Dan and Amy Cahill can finally have a family of their own and be able to get on with their lives, for a while at least, before they will be hit with… a new outside threat to the Cahill family?

The 39 Clues is a multimedia storytelling experience. Which means I jumped online to The 39 Clues website and entered my 6 new cards (yay) from the inside cover, completed the last mission, and now I need to combine my cards to get more clues, and use my replicators to get more “rare cards”. What? The rare ones are, you know, rare. I need more. 😉 And Mission 9 was awesome – rock climbing in Morocco BABY!

39 Clues playing cards

Clearly, the Cahill story is far from over. Be on the look out for The Black Book of Buried Secrets, and I’ll see you on the hunt!

P~ Peggy Wu

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