The 39 Clues – The Black Book of Buried Secrets

Black Book cover art

It was extremely risky arranging a secret meeting of the seven true agents, the operatives actually behind the hunt for The 39 Clues (presented as fiction), but Agent Riordan, with copious amounts of pepper spray and concealed body armor, managed to pull it off. Why? It was necessary for these agents to meet and agree to share all their secrets from The 39 Clues research or the entire Cahill family might have be annihilated by a new enemy… “publish or perish”. The result: The Black Book of Buried Secrets. Nothing is held back. It contains the top secret locations of all the branches’ strong holds around the globe as well as the identities of key operatives, their founders, weaponry, communications techniques, tools and strategies. This includes the history and secrets of mysterious Madrigals – revealed at last!

And clue hunters know that The 39 Clues adventure series is multimedia… the story continues on line with Mission 10 and hunting down the last of the clues.

Besides the cool spy intel, what else does the black book reveal? I personally enjoyed finding out what happened next in the lives of some of the main characters like Dan and Amy Cahill, and Dan’s not so smooth adjustment into a structured educational environment, new found family life for Nellie, Uncle Fiske and the kids… Does Alistair finally face his demons? And Jonah’s recovery… just how bad was his leg injured in the Madrigal strong hold… will he ever walk again, let alone entertain his multitude of fans? Will Hamilton take a leading role in the Tomas branch and finally admit he’s one of the good guys? My heart goes out to Ian and Natalie, who’s entire lives have to be rebuilt from the ashes of their mother Isabel’s dark sins… and more!!

Watch your back clue hunters! A new and dangerous enemy is on the horizon!

Cover art Vespers

P~ Peggy Wu

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3 Responses to “The 39 Clues – The Black Book of Buried Secrets”

  1. Mazie Marcoux Says:

    Interesting read. I wish I could make myself write such good posts onto my own blog. I guess I just need to try harder.

    • williamwubooks Says:

      Thanks! Ray Bradbury always says to “love what you do”… (in other words, it’s okay to get excited about stuff!) You may find that’s all you really need. ;-> P~

  2. The 39 Clues Vespers Rising by Rick Riordan, Peter Lerangis, Gordon Korman & Jude Watson « The Future of Books Says:

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