The Search for WondLa by Tony DiTerlizzi …with WondLa Vision!

Wondla book cover art

Join the Search for WondLa and enter the fantastic imagination of Tony DiTerlizzi!

Like most 12 year old girls, Eva Nine adores her mother but needs to test the boundaries. But unlike most girls, Eva Nine’s mother is a robot… a kind, lovely robot called “Muthr”. Also unlike most girls, Eva Nine lives and trains in an underground sanctuary and has never seen another human being. (Yikes!) One horrible day, a bloodthirsty huntsman breaks into their sanctuary, destroying it, and Eva Nine is running for her life on the surface with carnivorous plants and bizarre wildlife her faithful Omnipod can’t even identify. Alone in a hostile world, Eva Nine must rely on years of Muthr’s training, and her great big heart, to survive. The real question: is the surface ready for Eva Nine? šŸ™‚

The multimedia book is absolutely beautiful. Mr. DiTerlizzi’s illos are breathtaking. And after reading this wonderful story, which ends in a cliff hanger, I am completely in love with Otto the water bear. Just thinking about his sweet face and darling little personality melts my heart in a big ol’ puddle. Squeeee.

Multimedia? Oh yes. Although this is brand new territory for The Future of Books. Not videos, not phone numbers or chat rooms per se, but a mind bloggling Augmented Reality called WondLa Vision. Seriously! I couldn’t believe it worked. Check this out:

WondLa Vision
Wondla Vision screen shot

I fired up our webcam, followed Tony’s instructions exactly and suddenly, WHAM! I was IN the 3D interactive map. Like, Otto trotted right by me. It was just too awesome, my lil pea brain couldn’t handle it! One awkward thing is that WondLa is a big book. Um, heavy. That’s a good thing but… you have to hold the “key” on the different pages up to the webcam eye to maneuver the map and explore. So, Dude, my arms got tired. Just say’n. Maybe next time they’ll have a card or Omnipod shaped pop out thing that’s lightweight for wimps like me. But the fun technology is soooo futuristic!! Is this opening a whole new universe of storytelling? We’re ready Tony!

But wait there’s more… amazing WondLa games!! YAY!!


Games screen
(Can you even believe how cool that night sky is? And, on the bottom left, that’s Otto. Cute.)

The search is just the beginning…

Wondla Vision


Get your copy of The Search for WondLa from Amazon!

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