The Raven – Skeleton Creek Book IV by Patrick Carman

At last! I dove into the fourth and final book in the Skeleton Creek Series to find Ryan and Sarah where they left off at the end of The Crossbones, book III… Sarah wrapping up film school camp at UCLA while Ryan continues to write and hide secrets from his parents in the now gold wealthy small town of Skeleton Creek.

The Raven cover

But since discovering the famous lost Thomas Jefferson books hidden under the town library floor boards, Ryan not only has to dodge his protective probing parents, he must also shake off persistent news reporters and the annoyingly ambitious town mayor himself. A major nuisance since the Ghost of Old Joe Bush slipped him what comes to be known as The Raven puzzle, he and Sarah are on the sleuth hunt again, planning another Ghost Haunted Road trip as she travels home cross country back to Boston from Los Angeles. Will the long deceased Apostle leave them valuable clues this round or will they be on their own? And what about The Raven himself, sworn to keep the Crossbones secrets and eliminate the enemy? Are Sarah and Ryan now considered the enemy? Is Joe’s Ghost friend or foe?

Piece of the Raven Puzzle – can you solve it?

Raven puzzle

Sarah embarks on her now east bound journey across America, sleeping in haunted rooms (boo!), digging up old film canisters and glass vials which may contain deadly poison (oy!), all without her parents realizing the extreme risks she takes. But poor Ryan knows all too well, so he gets to worry about her reckless clue hunt while fearing for his own neck. Deep in the dark misty woods, he knows someone is watching him, always. Because of past perils these best friends have gotten themselves into, their parents still forbid contact, but unwisely drop their guard since the teens now live in separate states. But Dude, in this wired world, they are more connected than ever! Ryan and Sarah do a good job, mostly, of deleting every email, text, phone call and electronic traces of their constant communication. But when events turn ugly, Ryan questions if their secrecy is worth another possible buried treasure. Seriously, if their lives are at stake, should he just come clean, tell his dad everything, before it’s too late?

The Raven

In pure multimedia style, this amazing book/video hybrid unfolds as did the previous three, with Ryan recording everything in his secret journals while Sarah films, edits and posts videos on her website at If you like strange and macabre history, she also posts her documentaries of the haunted locations as well as their frightening encounters with the paranormal. Here’s your label warning… some of the videos are pretty scary!

Just a fun note about Sarah’s website, the Easter eggs (website eggs) are always changing. 🙂 I can’t figure out if it’s because they change continuously or because new eggs get “triggered” by the password I just entered/video I just viewed. Don’t know, but I love going in at different times and see what new nuggets are embedded. There’s some bizarre stuff in there!

Is the spooky story of Skeleton Creek really over? The readers/viewers can decide after riding the edge as the fourth and final mystery of Skeleton Creek draws to a close with a surprise (!!!) ending.

I would say a hopeful… no? Yes, Mr. Carman and PC Studios tie up all loose ends nicely, however, Ryan has a hold of something that actually has a hold of him, and will keep him busy the rest of his life. Maybe we will see more of Ryan’s journals, but this time, inspired by the master of horror himself? Maybe something that will show up on 3:15? Bwaa-haaa. At The Future of Books, we sure hope so!

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Get your Skeleton Creek Series Skeleton Creek – book I, Ghost In The Machine – Book II, The Crossbones – Book III, and The Raven – Book IV from Amazon!


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