Dark Eden II: Eve of Destruction by Patrick Carman

Dark Eden II


The dark story continues until the twisted end…

“Will Besting and the other teens whose phobias were “cured” at Fort Eden have been summoned back by Mrs. Goring. Her dying wish is to see them together one last time. Or is it?

Ensnared in a dangerous, ever-deepening mystery, Will must lead his friends through a perilous underground trap masterminded by two devious souls at war with each other. It’s a game of cat and mouse, and not everyone will be alive when it’s over. Can Will outwit both Rainsford and Goring, ending their reign of fear forever?

Patrick Carman’s Dark Eden: Eve of Destruction offers a harrowing journey into the depths of fear, love, revenge, and ultimately… redemption.”

Enter Dark Eden – what are you afraid of?

Patrick Carman has broken the mold on storytelling with his innovative multimedia approach in the Skeleton Creek series, 3:15 short stories and Trackers, but now, he has created a frightening mystery adventure that can be experienced in two entirely different ways: The Dark Eden app where you virtually step into Fort Eden via online maps, videos, audio diaries and journal entries, and, of course, the classic, beloved book. The book is awesome but to feel it come alive in the audio and video clips gave me chills. Dark Eden and Eve of Destruction are light years beyond traditional storytelling… not only movies, not only a book, not only a game, but waking up the brain in multiple areas at once. Sick! Welcome to the 21 Century, folks! One step closer to the Holodeck for the wired world. 🙂

The Arrival - Dark Eden app

Seven strangers. One isolated location.
No escape.

Dark Eden book 1 story synopsis:
“Will Besting, along with six other teenagers, all suffer from crippling secrets and phobias. Together they are sent to Fort Eden, an old, eerie and mysterious place that holds the promise of a cure for each of them. Not knowing what to expect but eager to be cured, they take turns in mysterious fear chambers and confront their worst nightmares. When the patients emerge from the chamber, they feel emboldened by the previous night’s experience, but each person soon discovers something strange and unexplainable has happened to them.”

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The DARK EDEN app is available on the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and all Android enabled devices. To get started, download THE ARRIVAL, the first free episode, available through the DARK EDEN mobile app in the Apple/iOS App Store and the Android Market.

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