TRACKERS Book 2: Shantorian by Patrick Carman

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Trackers 2 Shantorian cover art

Who is the notorious Shantorian 0_o? What is the GlyphMONSTER? Click here if this is your first visit to the high tech spy world of TRACKERS.

National banks have been breached… billions of dollars are missing, and no one is talking. No one, that is, except for the brilliant Adam Henderson, tech and gadget wizard with a photographic memory, who under the bright lights and two way mirror of an FBI interrogation room is revealing the whole story, but only on his terms. Demands include anything from a laptop with wireless internet access to Red Bulls and Snicker bars.

As book one ends, we learn that Adam and his tracker (not hacker) friends Finn, Emily and Lewis have passed the high tech spy test and have been accepted into the secret ISD – Internet Security Directive. In their possession is the most dangerous but critical tool – the urban legendary Raymond disk – with its red button that can shut down the entire internet, permanently. In the second and final TRACKERS book, the ISD means to flush out the infamous Shantorian, the world’s most devious hacker, and stop him, permanently. But can Lazlo and Zara, with their fake summer camp “TechBase10” and four teenage trackers really outsmart a criminal mastermind? Will lone wolf Adam bail on his friends in order to claim the überprize?

Trackers spy camera Orville

Discover the answers for yourself as this “YA Burn Notice-like” story unfolds, both in the book as Adam is interviewed by Federal Agent Ganz (but who is interviewing who?) and the online extreme action videos in The TRACKERS Interface.

You guessed it! TRACKERS is yet another multimedia storytelling adventure by Patrick Carman! The story itself is intertwined between the reading and the viewing, plus the passwords to unlock the videos are found in the book. Not only are there vids on the web, directed by Jeffrey Townsend, but TRACKERS includes an alternate reality game (ARG) the Glyphmaster!


Trackers Mission GPS Resource

Hey, I just completed Mission 4 and helped catch a bad guy, Baby! The games are fun, but I’m too slow. Grrr. But look for me in the hub… I’m WrightSister. (Orville, get it?) 😉

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Read the book. Watch the videos. Break the codes.

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    like me

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    Awesome! Another Trackers fan! I’ve gotten bored since nothing has happened in the past year and a half so I’m working on my own fan game:

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